Winifred Creamer's Biography

Winifred Creamer has carried out field research in Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Belize), the American Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona), and Peru. From 1985-1990 she was affiliated with the School for Advanced Research, producing the volume, Architecture of Arroyo Hondo. As a faculty member in the Anthropology Department of Northern Illinois University (1990-2014) she directed archaeological research in the Kayenta region of northern Arizona (Haas and Creamer 1993) and in New Mexico (Creamer and Haas 1998, Creamer 2000a, 2000b, 2001, Creamer et al. 2002). Beginning in 2000, she was a director of the Proyecto Arqueologico Norte Chico (PANC), an investigation into the development of monumental architecture and social complexity in the Norte Chico region of Peru during the third millennium BC (Creamer et al. 2007, 2013). Undergraduate and graduate students from NIU, other universities in the US, and Peru have participated in her field schools and field research projects.

In addition to her field research, Creamer maintains her interest in culture contact and the period of transition from prehistory to history in the New World, focusing on the impact of European expansion on the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

She retired from NIU as Distinguished Research Professor, and as associated faculty at Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, Peru. She has held Fulbright postdoctoral fellowships to Honduras (1985-86) and Peru (2004).

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