Arroyo Hondo Pueblo

About 1300 C.E., a small pueblo, located just south of present day Santa Fe, New Mexico, rapidly transformed from a one hundred room hamlet to a one thousand-room pueblo boomtown.

Extensive archaeological research at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo disclosed wide-ranging details about its origin, rapid growth, the inhabitants' way of life, pathology, and spirituality, during a period of severe climate change, and regional violence. After 125 years, these forces were intertwined in the town's demise. Arroyo Hondo Pueblo characterizes the emergence of a new architectural style that helped set in motion the rise of the Classic Rio Grande pueblo pattern.

This web site provides comprehensive details on the development of the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo archaeological project, its research results, evaluations, scholarly contributions and a series of current essays setting it in the context of the most recent research. 

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