Broader Current Perspectives

The Arroyo Hondo Pueblo project has resulted in a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a thousand-room, fourteenth-century “Classic” Rio Grande settlement. Since the original publication of nine monographs and several articles on all aspects of the research, subsequent scholarship by others beyond the project, has further informed the original results. This section of the website brings together a series of new essays specifically written to update and examine broader questions relating to the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo.  Each essay author in this section has special expertise and examine the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo results from the perspective of their own research and the work of others. In addition, they consider the work in a broader geographic context.

Essay topics and authors in this section are:

Paleoenvironment at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo - Jeffery Dean, University of Arizona

Arroyo Hondo From the Perspective of Southwestern Warfare - Steven LeBlanc, Harvard University

The Importance of Wilma Wetterstrom's Ethnobotanical Analysis of Plants from Arroyo Hondo - Richard Ford, University of Michigan, Retired

Life at Arroyo Hondo: A Reconsideration in 2015 - Ann Palkovich, George Mason University, Retired

Beyond the VIllage: Arroyo Hondo, Rock Art and Religious Transformation in Classic Period Pueblos - Polly Schaafsma, Independent Scholar

The Village Origins of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, Stephen Post

What Can the Unique Traits of Arroyo Hondo Tell Us About Diversity, Demography and Built Environment in the Northern Rio Grande - Jason Shapiro, Independent Scholar

Hunters and Gathers and the Abandonment of Large Farming Villages - Wirt Wills, University of New Mexico

Migration - John Ware

Reflections from Mesoamerica - Patty Crowne

Pot Creek and Arroyo Hondo Pueblo: A Comparison - Mike Adler

The Sacred Environment of Arroyo Hondo - Richard I. Ford and Jason Shapiro

The Sacred Environment of Arroyo Hondo - Richard I. Ford and Jason Shapiro, PDF version